Eating Local – Baltimore Breakfast

We’re not natives to Baltimore (actually, our kids are, which is sort of weird to think about), but we’ve fallen in love with a lot about it. It’s a scrappy city with a lot of character and a lot of great food. We like to eat local when we can, and Baltimore gives us a lot of great healthy options.

First up is Zeke’s Coffee, a small batch Baltimore coffee roaster. Zeke’s is everywhere here, and it’s not just because they’re local. They roast a mean bean, they source sustainably, and they make a whole bunch of different varieties to cater to individual tastes. This week we were feeling like the world needed some peace, love, and understanding, so we went with the Hippie Blend. Neither of us knows enough to speak super knowledgeably about taste, but we can say with confidence that Twin Peaks‘s Agent Dale Cooper would think it was a damn fine cup of coffee.

Next up, Michele’s Granola. In keeping with the hippie theme, we went with Ginger Hemp flavor. Michele’s is a local granola maker based in Timonium, just north of Baltimore. Their products are eco-friendly and healthy delicious, and come in a pretty wide variety of flavors. Every one we’ve had has been a crunchy bit of delight to add to some yogurt in the morning, or even just on its own as a snack.

Any local food that you enjoy, either local to Baltimore or wherever you are? Let us know!