The Karate Kids

We like to try to introduce the kids to new, fun activities when we can. Over the summer they did soccer and had a great time with it. We also did swimming lessons at the Y. They enjoy doing yoga with mommy. This time we wanted to mix it up, so we asked them if they wanted to do karate.

It was only after a few days of them going absolutely nuts at the prospect that we realized they had no idea what karate actually was. Parenting includes some unforeseen pitfalls, like presuming your kids know what they’re talking about.

This week they had their second class together, and Google is also telling me it’s actually Tae Kwon Do. I mean, I guess at their age it’s not technically anything other than barely controlled chaos, but they have a lot of fun doing it.

Watson takes a little while to warm up, and then once he does, he gets really into everything and doesn’t want to leave. Vivian wants to hold my hand through everything, even exercises where she’s supposed to use the hand I’m holding to punch something. And poor Freddy’s just along for the ride, grumbling as I lug him around while helping the older two with their class.

It’s a challenge to wrangle three young kids at a martial arts class by myself, but the instructors are really helpful, and Watson’s friend’s parents help out too, and the kids make it really a joy even when it’s frustrating and hard.