Confetti Pancakes – A Tale of Creation

I normally bristle at the idea of blog posts where you have to scroll for an hour to get to the recipe, so I’m going to put the recipe in a separate post, and hopefully you’ll indulge me a photo essay about the creation of these pancakes.

Over the weekend, Jocelyn and Watson embarked on a culinary adventure together. At first, Watson was nervous.

Vivian was fearless, though as merely an observer, the best she could do was to provide citrus to ward off scurvy.

After a little while, excitement set in.

Watson and his mommy marked the occasion with a selfie for posterity.

First they set to work making the “buttermilk.”

Then came the mixing of the dry ingredients.

A brief interlude for a vitamin C infusion.

Next came the mixture of the wet ingredients.

While Watson was mixing, Jocelyn got to relax for a few minutes.

Finally, the piece de resistance: the rainbow sprinkles that confer the name upon this confection.

In the meantime, Fred sits patiently, munching on some cereal.

The pancakes cooked quickly and colorfully.

Finally they were finished, and garnished with strawberries and chocolate!

Watson eschewed standard notions of cutlery as outdated.    
In the end, he and Vivi couldn’t have been more satisfied.