Meal Planning – Write It Down

At the beginning of the year you may see journals and planners in the aisles of Target. You may wonder, ‘In this age of digital wonders, who on earth is still buying a paper journal?’. The answer, for the purpose of meal planning, is me. On a related note, before Christmas we saw some Teletubbies merchandise at Target and wondered who was still buying that. The answer is my mother-in-law, as I am now painfully aware from the sounds coming from the kids’ room. They got four talking Teletubby dolls for Christmas and our son decides nightly that he actually hates them and wants them out of his room.

Journals: Your Best Friend for Meal Planning

Anyway, back to this whole journal thing. Every year I buy a planner because the day I don’t write down what we’re supposed to eat is the day I decide we have nothing in the kitchen and stuff my face with every kind of junk. We’re more lenient on the weekends, but during the week our meal planning falls apart if we don’t write it down. I write down everything we should have with us in our lunch bags, everything we should eat at home, and what the kids should have. A typical day might look like:

Us: Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunchbag:  crackers and hummus, leftover chili, apple, pear, energy ball

Dinner: Stir fry (Vegetables, tofu, noodles, peanut sauce)

Kids: Breakfast: Oatmeal or frozen waffles

Lunch: Peanut butter sandwiches, apple sauce, pretzels

Dinner: Stir fry, grapes

Meal Planning Journal

If the kids don’t eat what we send them, daycare will give them chicken nuggets, so we try to send something they’ll eat. For dinner, however, they have to have some of what we’re having. The only exception is if I’ve made something spicy, in which case we make a modified version. Like on taco night, they still get a tortilla and a less spicy taco filling. We always give them fruit at dinner and they can have seconds of that.

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