Friday Links

Here’s what we’re reading this weekend!

Creamy Cauliflower Pasta with Garlic and Roasted Tomatoes from The First Mess looks amazing and I want it in my face right now.

Tempeh Tacos from My New Roots. I know we go on about tacos all the time, but for real, start living your best taco life.

Ever been confused by the difference between “sell by” and “use by”? Join the crowd (this particular crowd is called “everyone”). A new plan aims to curb food waste by harmonizing those labels.

So as we all know, fall has officially fallen, and we couldn’t be happier! The temperatures, the food, the holidays, it’s all great. I was all set to write about some of my favorite fall beers, but then I realized it’s shorter to just say “anything with pumpkin in it.” There’s approximately a billion pumpkin ales every year, and I love all of them. So raise a glass for us this weekend if you’re so inclined, and celebrate the equinox!

Friday Links

Here’s what we’re reading going into the weekend. Got any suggestions? Put them in the comments, we’d love to see them!

Not surprisingly, it turns out that making a whole lot of food and hoping your hotel guests just stop by and eat it produces a ton of food waste! Hyatt is working toward strategies to cut down on food waste at its hotels, which is a great first step. As it turns out, IKEA is doing something similar.

The New York Times has a good article on how to approach a lot of different aspects of parenting. TL;DR – for the most part, relax and do what works, and make sure you’re firm, consistent, and caring.

Firmly in the “this is for parents, not for children” camp, if you’ve got a few extra hours this weekend, you could do worse than catching up on USA’s The Sinner. It’s a really gripping 8 part miniseries (with 2 parts left to go!) featuring really great performances by Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman.

Finally, we’re looking forward to trying this veggie hash from Full Belly Whole Heart this weekend! It’s always great to find new blogs with great recipes!